Profitable Affiliate Program

Earn a good passive income by using our Affiliate Program. The referral commission is automatic and fast! You can withdraw your referral commission even without making a deposit; this means you can just become an affiliate partner without investing. car car

Two-Level Affiliate Program

Maxel Capital offers Two tier levels of Affiliate programs: 10% And 3%. When someone registers and invests through your referral link, you'll earn 10% interest on the person's investment deposit automatically. Then, when someone registers and invests with their link, you'll get 3% interest automatically as a second-level affiliate reward. This means that when the person you referred Invites someone to invest, you'll also earn 3% commission from their investments.

first level 10%
second level 3%
new level Coming Soon…
bonus scheme bonus scheme

Maxel Regional Representative

On Maxel Capital, you can earn up to 20% Affiliate Commission instead of the standard commission when you become a regional representative. To become a regional representative, you must have up to 30 Direct Active Referrals; then you can apply through your account dashboard. There are also other benefits for becoming a regional representative.

Take your income to a new
supersonic level!

You Can Withdraw Your Referral Commission Immediately Without Waiting For 7 Days.

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