About Maxel Capital

Maxel Capital Is A Trusted And Reliable Investment Management Corporation Based In England. It Was Founded In 2014 But Ventured Into Cryptocurrency In 2022 With The Aim And Zeal Of Creating Financial Freedom For Its Investors Using Automated Systems.
Registration Number: BN: 09037814

MAXEL is an English word that means pioneer, Sacrificer, and respectability.

Regardless and despite the competitors, Maxel Capital remains the best and unbeatable.
With sincerity, we offer the most profitable investment services to our investors worldwide.

The investment team has a unique mixture of technology and operating expertise in the distributed ledger systems as well as financial and capital markets experience – this unique skill set allows for sophisticated technical and valuation analysis within the portfolio construction process. With our active team, we're dedicated to serve you all the time, 24/7. We're always available on weekends and holidays; there are no time limitations, and we welcome all time zones to make sure you're satisfied.

Our Expert Teams

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Meet The CEO - Allan P. MICHAELSEN

Allan has been a driving force in the management and development of Maxel Capital Management Corporation. With executive roles as Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Operations Officer, and President, he helped steer the company through a prolonged period of triple-digit growth running up to its earlier stages, investor strategy making, and team construction. He has extensive experience in growing and managing regulated businesses. He has held senior management positions across a number of sectors, including banking, insurance, and finance.                 

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