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Maxel Capital Is A Trusted And Reliable Investment Management Corporation Based In England. It Was Founded In 2014 But Ventured Into Cryptocurrency In 2022 With The Aim And Zeal Of Creating Financial Freedom For Its Investors Using Automated Systems.
Registration Number: BN: 09037814

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Profitable Investment Packages

We Have The Most Reliable Investment Plans To Suit Your Financial Needs.
Maxel Capital Is Made Up Of 4 Investment Packages,
Starting From $100 To Unlimited.

Maxel Package

Minimum $100
Maximum $999
Interest 3%
Duration 7 Days
Automatic Deposit / Withdrawal

Legend Package

Minimum $1,000
Maximum $9,999
Interest 4%
Duration 7 Days
Automatic Deposit / Withdrawal

Champion Package

Minimum $10,000
Maximum $99,999
Interest 5%
Duration 7 Days
Automatic Deposit / Withdrawal

Premium Package

Minimum $100,000
Maximum Unlimited
Interest 6%
Duration 7 Days
Automatic Deposit / Withdrawal

You Can Invest And Withdraw With: Bitcoin, USDT TRC-20, Ethereum, Tron And Dogecoin. If You Have Any Other Coin You Wish To Invest In, Please Let Us Know.

All Our Investment Packages Last For 7 Days.

The Minimum Investment Amount Is $100 For All Coins; You Can Invest Unlimitedly In The Premium Package

You Can Withdraw Any Amount, Starting With The Minimum Of $10. Meanwhile, You Can Only Withdraw Twice In A Day

Introducing MXU - Maxel Unit

MXU Units Are The Internal Official Currency Of Maxel Company.
The Coin MXU Will Be Available Soon In The Market And On All Crypto Watchlist For Trading And Investing.
The Trading Chart Is Now Available Below. Watch Out For MXU Soon!

MXU Price

$ 3.15

MXU Price Growth

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Maxel Capital

High-Level Security System! Integrated With
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Rewarding investors

Automatic Withdrawal System

Affiliate Program

Maxel Capital offers Two tier levels of Affiliate programmes: 10% And 3%. When someone registers and invests through your referral link, you'll earn 10% interest on the person's investment deposit automatically.
Then, when someone registers and invests with their link, you'll get 3% interest automatically as a second-level affiliate reward. This means that when the person you referred Invites someone to invest, you'll also earn 3% commission from their investments.

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You can create an investment using a cryptocurrency such as "BTC, USDT TRC-20, Ethereum, Tron And Dogecoin". If you have any other coins you wish to invest in, please contact us.


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